An Invite-Only Society for Growth Oriented Entrepreneurs

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what is InnerFifth?

We are an invite-only high performance membership community for driven, growth-oriented entrepreneurs…

mission & vision

We focus on a heart-led, science-backed approach to meaningful change.
Why? Because we know that InnerFifth inspires massive fundamental transformation. Everything we do comes from a place of sharing, supporting, and strategy—all with a focus on growth mindset for high performing female founders. Our members make coherent, transparent, vulnerable connections with one another, and our allies, in a space designed for growth. This is accomplished through accountability and intention setting. Together, we focus on internal and external mastery, knowing your worth, managing your wealth, and creating your best life.

We do it because we know what it feels like to white knuckle it … it is, indeed, no way to live.

how to get in

We have a discerning process for identifying potential members because we have high-level access to those who make decisions and want results. Description of the Typical Member of InnerFifth:

Big Ambition, Persistent, Reciprocity, Mindfulness, Bold, Growth Mindset, Authentic, Aspirationally Adventurous

membership levels

Social Membership Level

Apply for our InnerFifth Social Membership which includes an invite-only curated group of female entrepreneurs, access to our InnerFifth member-0nly Portal, socials, events and special panels.

Qualifications to Join:

  • Be an entrepreneur of a 6 figure or greater business, manage a P&L, own 25% or greater of a business you operate, recently exited a business and are considering launching a new business. An entrepreneur is someone who starts or owns a business. Whether it’s in farming, retail, manufacturing or in the service sector, entrepreneurs are businesspeople who find their success by taking risks!
  • Have a growth mindset approach
  • Take the Mindset Assessment (attached to application)
  • Agree to follow and abide by the InnerFifth Code of Conduct

Elite Membership Level

Elite Membership includes everything our InnerFifth Social Membership has, in addition to a fully supported growth mindset-based curriculum, 6 days with other Elite Members deep diving, a personal board of directors, private elite member hosted dinners, first access to exclusive invites, panels and opportunities.


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Letter from the founder

I want to thank you for your commitment to your personal and professional growth by checking out InnerFifth. The fact that you are here means you are looking to grow your network, expand your knowledge, and broaden your mindset. I founded InnerFifth to give more women entrepreneurs and their allies a seat at the table. The fact is 90% of the world’s millionaires are men. And while women own 51% of businesses in America, only 10% ever exceed $10M in revenue or more. Why is that? Because we also are bearing and raising children, running households, volunteering at our kids’ schools, and keeping our marriages on track. Our commitment at InnerFifth is to bring together a community of like-minded women, high-level thought leader access, and a science-backed curriculum about what it takes to rise, with ease.

We are committed to a simple mission: to surround you with knowledge, a network, and a frequency so high that your mindset shifts you to a place that feels good, feels supported, and feels like home. It is from this why that InnerFifth has come into being. Join us on this journey so you also have the tools to live your very best life.

Tracy Holland

meet the founder

Tracy Holland

Tracy Holland is a founder, investor, board member, and entrepreneur who is an authority on beauty and wellness with a global track record of incubating and launching brands.

Tracy has dedicated her career to creating new brands and success stories by spotlighting innovation, amplifying authentic and celebrity voices in beauty and personal care, and nurturing promising talent — especially other women entrepreneurs.

Tracy’s passion around women entrepreneurs and powerhouse women leaders was her inspiration for two initiatives, Potential to Powerhouse podcast, which focuses on the success secrets of women leaders, and Inner Fifth, an invite only membership for elite women entrepreneurs. Tracy Holland is also a founder, and Executive Chairman of Goodwill Brands, a multi-brand, multi-category investor and operating model making both minority and majority investments into consumer-focused, founder-led brands.

Tracy Holland co-founded HATCHBEAUTY Brands. As CEO and during Tracy’s tenure, HATCHBEAUTY became a leading global beauty and wellness brand company that generated more than $750 million in revenue. In 2018, Tracy sold a significant stake in HATCHBEAUTY to a private equity firm. In 2021 and 2023, Tracy sold the balance of her shares to a private equity firm and fully exited HATCHBEAUTY. Tracy’s awards and honors include LA Business Journal’s 2019 Fashion and Beauty Award for Beauty Service Provider of the Year, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017, and election to The Committee of 200, an organization of the most successful women business leaders globally. Tracy serves as a Judge in the last two years of Ernst & Young’s Winning Women award as well as a speaker around the country on the topics of entrepreneurism, and the realities of what it takes to win in business.

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