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All events are in-person, hosted in Los Angeles

Taste of InnerFifth events is for members only, however, if you have not been inside InnerFifth yet, we invite those who we believe are a perfect fit for membership to join us for a Taste! Below are the topics and the event dates we offer our General and Elite Members in 2024. Our Taste of InnerFifth speakers and content is tailored to make an immediate impact on female entrepreneurs to create massive transformation and takeaway tools to give you the strategies and connections to use in your business or personal life right away. By bringing together powerhouse entrepreneurs and their allies, our events are geared for our powerhouse network to make meaningful business-building connections that will drive growth and community. We have no time to waste, life is now, lets do this!

Taste of InnerFifth

Deal Killers

May 23rd: Avoiding 3 Pitfalls of Deal Making. Discover the crucial insights and strategies needed to steer clear of common

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½ day intensive

In-Person and Zoom | June 11 | 12-5pm | members only

Unlock the secrets to entrepreneurial success with InnerFifth’s exclusive half-day intensive featuring Ned Tomasevic, an InnerFifth Ally and EOS expert. Discover how Ned utilized practical tools to scale his company to unprecedented heights, culminating in a successful sale to a private equity partner.

Join us for a transformative experience as Ned shares his expertise on how to transition from an employee mindset to that of a strategic owner. Learn the art of firing yourself and stepping into the owner’s, crafting a tailored 3-year roadmap for your business’s growth and success.

During this mini-intensive, delve into crucial topics such as delegation strategies, building robust leadership teams, strategic planning, and defining clear roles and responsibilities. Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with actionable insights and proven methodologies designed to propel your business forward and gain back your freedom.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and accelerate your path to business mastery. Secure your spot now and embark on a transformative journey toward entrepreneurial excellence with InnerFifth (this is a member-only event)

Virtual | 1st wednesday of every month | 8am-9am

Power Hours are member-only virtual meetings where we bring in a thought leader who will teach us real tools and solutions specifically for high-performing female entrepreneurs.

InnerFifth is about business… and so much more. Expect to learn from those at the forefront of their fields about health, wealth, relationships, and purpose. These sessions are designed to help you work and live better while enjoying the fruits of your labor, each of these sessions are the first Wednesday, monthly,  8am – 9am PST

June 5th

Feed Your Face with Dr. Jessica Wu

July 3rd

Show Her The Money Documentary, my personal story of becoming one of the top female VC's in the country

August 7th

My founder story, how I built Equinox - brand and founder story

September 4th

My Foolproof 24th Point Checklist for Analyzing and Maximizing Company Value

October 2nd

No Red Lights - 50 Years in Venture Capital

November 6th

Alternative, non-dilutive capital options for growing your business

December 4th

AI - How to Use this Tool for Business Growth

Virtual | 60-90 mins once a month | 12pm-1:30pm pst | elite members only

Grow Room Sessions are virtual events hosted for Elite Members as a strategy session specifically focused on key issues with the Elite Members and our InnerFifth Allies

Here are some of the things we focus on, we get in the trenches with our Elite members on key questions on what the key issues your business is facing. We focus this session as full-blown, warroom-style problem-solving sessions.. we discuss business topics that are hot in the moment, we provide members with a template to follow to present your Grow Room session with questions that will help solve for your intended or ideal business outcome. Think of this as your personal board of directors session. We are here to learn and problem-solve, so we can collectively adopt the best thinking possible for wealth creation.

June 20th

To Be Announced

July 18th

To Be Announced

August 15th

To Be Announced

September 18th

To Be Announced

FALL 2024 | September 18th & 19th

elite member intensive

Annual, Two-day, In-person Intensive

Our intensives feature best-in-class thought leaders in intimate, working sessions around wealth creation, purpose, enhanced relationships, and longevity/health strategies for optimal performance. InnerFifth Intensives are unlike any mastermind or intensive you have ever done. We focus on specific tools, which are science-backed approaches to personal growth and expansion in wealth, health, and longevity.