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Welcome to InnerFifth, where personal and professional growth converge. Your presence signals your aspiration to expand your network, enrich your knowledge, and broaden your perspective. InnerFifth was founded with a purpose: to extend an open invitation to women entrepreneurs and their allies, offering them a rightful place at the table.

90% of millionaires are are men

<1% of capital goes to women

Only x% of FF businesses exceed $1 million

“A place where we help you beat the odds.”


Mission & Vision

We focus on a heart-led, science-backed approach to meaningful change.

Why? Because we know that InnerFifth inspires massive fundamental transformation. Everything we do comes from a place of sharing, supporting, and strategy—all with a focus on growth mindset for high performing female founders. Our members make coherent, transparent, vulnerable connections with one another, and our allies, in a space designed for growth. This is accomplished through accountability and intention setting. Together, we focus on internal and external mastery, knowing your worth, managing your wealth, and creating your best life.


Access to:

  • Resources
  • Peer Group Of Growth Mindset Entrepreneur And Committed To Upleveling
  • Capital


  • Like-minded Community
  • Support
  • Accountability


  • Grow Your Business
  • Personal Mastery
  • Living Your Best Elevated Life Without White-knuckling It

how to get in

We have a discerning process for identifying potential members because we have high-level access to those who make decisions and want results. Description of the Typical Member of InnerFifth:

Big Ambition, Persistent, Reciprocity, Mindfulness, Bold, Growth Mindset, Authentic, Aspirationally Adventurous

Apply for our InnerFifth Social Membership which includes an invite-only curated group of female entrepreneurs, access to our InnerFifth member-0nly Portal, socials, events and special panels.

Qualifications to Join:

  • Be an entrepreneur of a 6 figure or greater business, manage a P&L, own 25% or greater of a business you operate, recently exited a business and are considering launching a new business. An entrepreneur is someone who starts or owns a business. Whether it’s in farming, retail, manufacturing or in the service sector, entrepreneurs are businesspeople who find their success by taking risks!
  • Have a growth mindset approach
  • Take the Mindset Assessment (attached to application)
  • Agree to follow and abide by the InnerFifth Code of Conduct