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My name is Tracy Holland, the last company I built and sold, generated over $800 million dollars in cumulative wholesale revenue, with a simple formula but a complex road of learning. It almost cost me everything.


The stakes were high, but the accolades were real. My story has been featured, so you can check it out for yourself… EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year, Forbes, Fortune, Inc, Fast Company, CNN the list goes on –and while I watched those interviews I saw a woman who on the outside had all the right stuff and on the inside, lacked the confidence to own her success… I did not realize it at the time, but what I had accomplished, was at the level of those who were the most notable names in business… I represented less than .0001% of entrepreneurs who had accomplished this level of financial success…but the cost to my soul journey was real.


Three key strategies which is what we talk a lot about in our newsletter each week.

cash flow

Watching Cash Flow Like a Hawk- A very smart revenue mix was key — this approach allowed me to scale my P&L with receivables and negotiate with my key suppliers for extended payment terms. This included a combination of strategies for short-pay retail deals, and long-pay vendor agreements.


I learned the power and importance of building out the best-in-class team, with the funds I had available. I found an approach to derisk hires, make smarter choices about how to build a team, and motivate based on motivating needs. I also had to build my team, alongside my business growth, because I did not have access to the capital I needed to hire ahead of revenue.


– I also found the absolute best approach on how to utilize my time, to ensure optimum results. If I did not have the formula for time strategy, attention and allocation of my focus, I could not have grown the business as quickly as I did.

These 3 key cornerstones led me to have the bandwidth and focus for creative financing options, creative deal structures and growing my business from cashflow instead of investor funds. Was this the easy way? No. Was this high stress and high stakes? Yes.
As a result of my formula for success, I want to share with other female founders and entrepreneurs how to think differently, so they can avoid the white-knuckling feeling that I carried for 10 years building my business, and get the most out of life, while building their empire.

Women own 51% of businesses in America, yet only 10% of women-owned businesses ever exceed $10M in revenue.

If you’re already a high-performing, growth mindset female entrepreneur millionaire or are quickly approaching that threshold…welcome, you’re exactly where you are supposed to be.

there is a better way to do business than alone and white knuckling it.

Three key strategies which is what we talk a lot about in our newsletter each week.

it’s time for you to make a move.

Its true, time IS money, don’t waste another second in the stress zone, join our movement.

InnerFifth entrepreneurs have supported thousands of ambitious women’s businesses getting acclimated to their success, we are laser-focused on showing female entrepreneurs how to create the life you want… it’s time to step into your greatest self, with confidence, and conviction in what you have built, and find ways to do it with the greatest ease possible.


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