An Invite-Only Society for Growth Oriented Entrepreneurs

Social Membership

Entrepreneurship is a lot. You juggle running a business and a personal life, and let’s face it: sometimes you feel a bit like you’re holding on as tight as you can on this crazy ride. If you’re seeking been-there, done-that advice on how to grow your business without killing yourself—not to mention, enjoying the fruits of your labor while also experiencing personal and professional growth, this is for you.

Join the InnerFifth Social Membership for high level founders, entrepreneurs that desire to live fully in their purpose, health, wealth, and relationships.

InnerFifth is designed to be a place you feel like you belong, that provides you with expert guidance and support in your expansion both personally and professionally.

Social Membership Details

  • Invite-only curated group of female entrepreneurs
  • Members are growth mindset assessment qualified 
  • Access to a high-vibe network of female entrepreneurs and their allies
  • Invite only access to our InnerFifth Member Portal.

This is a place for all members to: 

  • Share Needs & Leads
  • Share learnings on any of the four pillars of health, wealth, relationship, or purpose
  • Brainstorm big ideas for your business 
  • Gain insights from the community 
  • Access to our InnerFifth roadmaps 

You will receive invites to our in-person InnerFifth socials & Taste of InnerFifth events.

“Taste of InnerFifth” events are about growth, transparency, and connection with other like-minded entrepreneurs & allies.

Exclusive invites to panels & events for general membership

Newsletter with our member focus & learning.

“What I Learned the Hard Way…”

Pay for play bucket list trips – general members

Social Membership Description

The InnerFifth Social Members subscription is thoughtfully designed to enhance the social experience of our members. It initiates with a dedicated three-month commitment period, totaling 90 days, allowing members to fully immerse themselves in the InnerFifth community. After this initial phase, the membership naturally converts into a month-to-month arrangement, affording members the liberty to continue or opt out of their membership with a one-month notice.

Key Features:

  1. Initial Commitment: Upon enrollment, members are required to commit to a minimum of three months, symbolizing their commitment to being active and engaged participants in the InnerFifth social community.
  2. Period: During the first year of their membership, members gain access to a wide range of exclusive benefits and privileges within the InnerFifth community. This encompasses interactive events, networking opportunities, content access, and other curated experiences.
  3. Month-to-Month Transition: Following the initial year engagement, the membership effortlessly transitions to a month-to-month arrangement, granting members the flexibility to maintain their involvement or make changes as per their preferences.
  4. Cancellation Flexibility: InnerFifth Social Members appreciate the freedom to cancel their membership at any point after the initial three months, provided they provide a one-month notice.
  5. Pricing and Payment Structure: Membership fees are charged as follows, $3750 for the first year, and then $375 on a monthly billing basis.
  6. Benefits and Amenities: Throughout their membership, InnerFifth Social Members continue to enjoy an array of exclusive benefits, such as access to InnerFifth events, special content, networking opportunities, and other social perks.

Waitlist Policy: Should a member choose to cancel their InnerFifth Social Membership within the first 12 months of enrollment, they will be placed on a waitlist for the next social membership opening period. This waitlist allows members the opportunity to rejoin the InnerFifth community when slots become available, ensuring they maintain a connection to the community even if they temporarily step away.


  • Flexibility and Engagement: InnerFifth Social Members experience a harmonious blend of commitment and flexibility, allowing them to actively participate in the community while retaining the option to adjust their membership as needed.
  • Community Commitment: The initial three-month commitment period reinforces members’ dedication to actively engage with the InnerFifth social community.
  • No Long-Term Obligations: Members have the freedom to discontinue their membership after the initial commitment period without being bound to long-term contracts.
  • Sustained Access: Members continue to enjoy uninterrupted access to the InnerFifth community and its exclusive offerings, facilitating ongoing social enrichment.