An Invite-Only Society for Growth Oriented Entrepreneurs

code of conduct

The Inner Fifth is an elite membership for women entrepreneurs and is built on the 4 C’s: Coherence, Clarity, Conversations and Confidentiality.

All members are required to accept the Inner Fifth Code of Conduct and agree to the following prior to submitting a member application:

Code of Conduct

Committed to Creating Unapologetic Wealth for Yourself, and All of the Other Women in Inner Fifth
Wealth creation is encouraged in this group. We are supportive of you creating wealth in all areas of your life; abundance is our mantra. We share our contacts and our hearts to support each other and ourselves to hit every milestone we establish.

Confidentiality is KEY.
Discretion above all – This is a completely safe space for sharing as a private community. Confidentiality is taken seriously. What you hear here, stays here. Period. We are cultivating a community where we can thrive in transparency, vulnerability, and connection. In order to do so, you agree to operate in a confidential manner. Not to repeat what you have heard here. *There will be many NO CELL PHONE zones throughout the events as we want to protect our space during vulnerable hotseats, etc.

To Serve vs. To Be Served.
I agree to lead with a giving spirit, always with the intention of how I can be of contribution first.

Attendance: “We show up“.
I agree to attend the two live annual events and the bi-weekly Inner Fifth breakthrough sessions. Space is limited. Integrity and Intention is everything, if you are going to invest in your growth we expect you to show up and be present in the co-creation of this next chapter – it’ll require you to be in attendance.

The Rolodex : “Our network is our net worth”.
I agree to add to our member directory and fully utilize the resources provided supporting our Inner Fifth Woman in business. Member connections and leads is the Inner Fifth currency.

No Soliciting.
However, we do fully encourage you to work within our network to help elevate one another. You are making an agreement to not hard-sell anyone into anything.

Leave your politics and personal agenda at the door. Save the Drama for your mama.
There is a zero tolerance policy for any gossip about Inner Fifth members. (If two or more members file complaints about your conduct, you will be asked to leave with no refund).