A curated membership for growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship is a lot.

You juggle running a business and a personal life and let’s face it: sometimes you feel a bit like you’re holding on as tight as you can on this crazy ride. And even though in many ways you’ve “made it,” you yearn for more fulfillment and calm.

If you’re seeking been-there, done-that advice on how to grow your business without killing yourself—not to mention, enjoying the fruits of your labor while also experiencing personal and professional growth, this is for you.

InnerFifth is a community, a place where you can feel like you belong while also receiving expert guidance, science-backed approach and support in your personal and professional expansion.

Join the InnerFifth Membership for high-level founders—entrepreneurs who desire to live fully in their purpose, health, wealth, and relationships.

We want to invite you to step into

InnerFifth Elite

As a high-performing entrepreneur, you understand the value of elite experiences. InnerFifth Elite members are hand-picked and personally invited, and we only offer a limited number of open spots each year. Our curated community is driven to achieve monumental growth in both business and personal life through access to like-minded visionaries, tailored support, and transformative opportunities. Here, you’re not just making a commitment; you’re embarking on a journey toward unparalleled success and fulfillment.

in-person intensives

Our 3 Day In-Person Intensives

Our approach is science-backed & performance-driven. Our commitment is to bring InnerFifth go-getters and glass-ceiling shatterers the access they need to accept the keys to everything they have ever wanted: more money, more love, and a more impactful business, with grace and ease.

Our intensives feature best-in-class thought leaders in intimate, working sessions around wealth creation, purpose, enhanced relationships, and longevity/health strategies for optimal performance. InnerFifth Intensives are unlike any mastermind or intensive you have ever done. We focus on specific tools, which are science-backed approaches to personal growth and expansion in wealth, health, and longevity.  

our intensive speakers

Are World Renowned…

InnerFifth Elite

Growth Mindset-based Approach

Delve into your goals and fast-track your growth designed to propel you toward success. InnerFifth's unique approach will bring you exponential personal and business growth across the four pillars. Join our monthly calls for meaningful results and insights from thought leaders while also connecting with other members.

InnerFifth Private Community

Invite only access to our private community platforms. We have a consortium of high-net-worth, hyper-performing entrepreneurs and allies who strategize and resource practical strategies for business growth. This is a place for all members to Share Needs & Leads and gain insights from the community of 6 & 7 figure entrepreneurs (and their allies).

Grow Room

We have a consortium of high-net-worth, hyper-performing entrepreneurs and allies who strategize and resource practical strategies for business growth.

Taste of InnerFifth Events​

You will receive invites to our in-person events. “Taste of InnerFifth” events are about growth, transparency, and connection with other like-minded entrepreneurs & allies.

Power Hour Calls

First Wednesday of each month, 8am PST - Thought leaders share practical tools and solutions for high-performing entrepreneurs. These sessions empower you to thrive in work and life, maximizing the rewards of your efforts.

Pay-for-play & Bucket List Trips

InnerFifth Bucket List Trip & Private Invite


To ensure that inside of InnerFifth you will find growth minded, powerhouse women, we carefully vet each and every application. 

application process

Application Process & Eligibility – What to Expect…

We honor every woman who has forged her way to grow her business, so if you are here, we fully feel the weight and process of what it took you to get here! Congratulations on your courage, your resilience, and your tenacity!

A few commonly asked questions as we go through this process together.

Why is there an application process to be a member of InnerFifth?

InnerFifth is curated group of powerhouse female entrepreneurs, multi-office professional partners, founders, VC’s Partner / Founders of Professional Firms or those who have recently exited their business. Each member must have one of these titles to become a member of our community.

We have a discerning process for bringing in members, because we believe that the sticky, connective aspects of what makes our community special is members’ growth mindset alongside their deep commitment to personal growth, and creating wealth, in a place that embraces what it means to be a powerhouse, while also being ‘yourself’. A “come-as-you-are” approach is encouraged, and the reason why confidentiality amongst our members, with the conversations they hold with one another, about the exploration they are on, is of utmost importance.

What are the eligibility requirements to join InnerFifth?

To become a member, you must own a female-founded / led operational business with an ownership stake of over 25% of the company. Your business must be at least 6 figures annually (or) you have exited your business, for at least $20M in exit value, in the last 5 years and you are considering launching another business.

Bottom line? You make payroll and as an entrepreneur, you are used to eating what you kill (so to speak!). You receive a K1 each year, and you are thinking about the basics like growth capital, strategy for your business and how to balance those things alongside the other aspects of being a whole person.

Your title is Founder, CEO, President, Chairman, Executive Chairman, General Partner, Private Practice Entrepreneur, Managing Member (of a self, or co-founded company)

Finally, your personality type must align with the Inner Fifth archetype of growth mindset and desire to align to new and expanded ways of thinking. Our members join for different reasons, but all agree to be held to their “best self” with intention.

Common faq’s to our application process.

Answer the Membership Application above and fill out the Code of Conduct, & we get back to you within 5 business days to let you know if the status of your application.

Filling out the Membership Application, taking the Winning Mindset Assessment and agreeing to the Code of Conduct should take about 15 minutes in total to complete.

After we receive your application, and payment, we will review your submission and come back with your membership onboarding, or next steps in our process. If welcomed as a new member, you will receive a welcome email, and gain access to our members-only portal, and invites to our Taste of InnerFifth socials, InnerFifth events and special panels. If not accepted as a member you will be contacted and refunded in full of all charges.

InnerFifth Elite membership is for those who are interested in deep dive, intensive based work, with a high performing cohort of top performing female entreprenuers who are in a structured program for next level transformation. We have a limited number of members annually who are invited to join Elite, upon a certain criteria. If you are interested in hearing more about Elite, please connect with our InnerFifth Advocate.

We take your privacy seriously and any data we collect from our application process is held in strict confidence in accordance with our privacy terms.

our intensive speakers

Kim Gravel

Kim Gravel is a self-made entrepreneur who went from a housewife in 2015 to a billion-dollar brand on QVC. Being an author of the recent best-selling book, Collecting Confidence, and an advocate for women, Kim Gravel spoke to InnerFifth about what it takes to push past fear and build an empire from the ground up.

Sallie Krawcheck

Sallie Krawcheck is the former CEO of CitiGroup’s Smith Barney and Merrill Lynch Wealth Management. She has been named the 7th most powerful woman in finance by Forbes… Sallie spoke to InnerFifth about her path to raise $55M in 4 weeks through some of the most unconventional approaches to pivoting a business.

Matthew Hussey

InnerFifth spent the afternoon with Matthew Hussey, a British life coach, YouTube personality, and Author. Matthew is brilliant with love, relationship and is well known for packing stadiums with women wanting to hear more about his bestseller, Get The Guy: Learn Secrets of the Male Mind to Find the Man You Want and the Love You Deserve. 

Kim Stanwood Terranova

Author, speaker and a woman of passionate power Kim assists individuals with experiencing true inner greatness and unlimited, authentic joy. She has been dubbed “the chiropractor of the mind”, and the master teacher of intentional living. For over three decades she has immersed herself in the application and practice of universal spiritual truth and wisdom.

Dr. Mao

Renowned for healing practices, Dr. Mao Shing Ni is a 38th-generation doctor of Chinese medicine. He is an authority on Taoist anti-aging medicine and author of multiple best-selling books, including Secrets of Longevity. He is a cofounder of Yo San University and of the Tao of Wellness, the acclaimed center for nutrition, Chinese medicine, and acupuncture. Dr. Mao is also the longevity expert for both Yahoo! Health and the Huffington Post. 

Danielle Canty

As a proven digital marketer, and community building & social media expert, Danielle grew her company bossbabe to over 4 million followers and has generated 8 figures of revenue. She is an expert of all things growth strategy, operations and memberships. After her successful exit of bossbabe in 2023, Danielle consults for companies and founders on best practices for building a social and digital business and personal brand.

Cesalina Gracie

Born into the largest martial arts family in the world, she is the Granddaughter of Grand Master Carlos Gracie Sr. – pioneer of the world famous Brazilian jiu-jitsu movement, and the UFC – later sold to WME for $4.2 Billion dollars. Cesalina owns a school of empowerment in Los Angeles and uses the art and philosophy of jiu-jitsu to help girls and women discover their own inner champion.